Typical and aTypical Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety Symptoms


Jude Wallis

7/20/20211 min read


Anxiety symptoms and disorders vary depending on the situation and circumstances that induce them. In the United States, about 62% of respondents surveyed by SingleCare reported experiencing some degree of anxiety (SingleCare, 2020). About 31% of all adults experience some form of Anxiety Disorder (Anxiety and Depression Association of America, 2020).

However, the anxiety presentation may differ from one person to another. Here is quick overview some common and uncommon signs and symptoms of anxiety.

Typical Signs of Generalized Anxiety Disorder:

Feeling restless, wound-up, or on-edge
Being easily fatigued
Having difficulty concentrating; mind going blank
Being irritable
Having muscle tension
Difficulty controlling feelings of worry
Having sleep problems, such as difficulty falling or staying asleep, restlessness, or unsatisfying sleep

aTypical Signs of Anxiety Disorder:

Phantom Ringing in the ears
Heart irregularities
Physical numbness
Easily fatigued
Disordered eating
Pressured speech

Anxiety can be crippling and keep one from enjoying life. Therapy and psychopharmacology can be helpful in restoring a balance to your life. If you are unsure about the symptoms you are experiencing, speak to your doctor and a therapist. Help is available