How to submit your session for billing

  1. After you have completed your session, please complete your note within 48 hours. Billing cycle cut-offs are on the 14th and 30th of each month.

  2. Please ensure you use one of the EC Titled Templates for your notes (Preferred).

  1. Please ensure the time is accurate towards the billing code being used. 90837 (53+), 90834 (38-52 min)

  1. Once your note is completed and signed, switch over to your headway profile on

  2. Click on Calendar and add your session to the calendar; this can be done before the appointment or after.

  1. Once the session is complete, scheduled on headway, you can click on confirm session

  1. Fill in the relevant information for session details (Bill only the appropriate code that matches the code on Simple Practice). Please refer to billing codes here (Click Here)