Tele-Therapy Expectations

For tele-therapy services to be most effective, we ask that all of our clients agree to the following to maintain safety and the most quality experience possible:

  • Avoid using mind-altering substances prior to the session.

  • Dress appropriately during tele-therapy sessions as you would if you were attending a session at the therapist’s office.

  • Be located in an area that is safe and provides privacy/confidentiality.

  • Please do not have anyone else in the room unless it has first been discussed and agreed upon with your therapist.

  • Please do not conduct other activities while in session, such as driving a vehicle, shopping, and/or receiving other services.

  • Please do not record sessions without first obtaining the therapist’s approval.

  • Be located in the state (Florida) where the therapist is licensed.

    I understand that the therapist will terminate the session if a safe, distraction-free, therapeutic environment is not maintained. This will be considered a missed appointment (a standard cancelation fee will be applied).